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Other Peoples Work

Here I wish to provide links to the work of others that I have learned from. None of the below is my work so follow the links for full details.


The Theory That Men Evolved to Hunt and Women Evolved to Gather Is Wrong

No evidence that it was exclusively men who hunted and not only that but also notes that estrogen brings advantages

My take:
Had any of the men that thought this ever actually met a woman? Women can do everything a man can do and also breast feed.


The evolution of same-sex sexual behaviour in mammals (3rd Oct 2023)

Same sex relationships may evolved many times and is in particular prevalent in primates. It may play an adaptive role in maintaining relationships. Same-sex sexual behaviour was significantly more prevalent in social species then in non-social ones.

My take:
There is advantage in gender fluidity within humanity. I would guess it counters the evolutionary disadvantages of gender specialisation leaving us with only the advantages of gender specialisation. It creates a spectrum that acts like a bridge.

This list will be ever growing. If you have good article or paper on humanity and evolution, please let me know via Mastodon.